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Redneck Resort

Looks like a new mud resort park has opened near Sweetwater, and I'd say with all the rain, they sure picked a great year to open. emoticon

Redneck Resort

The simple name “Redneck Resort™” emotes a unique vision for some and an odd curiosity for others. What is a “Redneck Resort™” like? Well, it’s like nothing one would expect of just another off-road park. It’s all about the “Tone and Attitude” and the unique atmosphere found in a place where the the American spirit still wants to run wild and free, yet where all out fun and frolic is balanced with the same passion to lend a helping hand to a fellow mudding American. Kicking it up or kicking back with trucks, ATV’s, camping, music and laughter, and having the time of your life is why one comes to the Redneck Resort™! We say that the Redneck Resort™ still “IS” what America “WAS”. Check-in and be our guests at the Redneck Resort™! Jeff and Joleen Darragh Mike and Andrea Skiera

Click here for more info and open dates.
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